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Hot Springs Water Festival 2020

By: Laurie Beneventi and Norah Potts--March 12, 2018

In the year 2019-2020, our town's landmark H Hill, will read H20. We need to begin to plan in January 2019. We would like to form a committee of interested area residents, to commit to celebrate the energy of a water- themed year. As we have shared this idea with friends, we can feel this energy bubbling up!

WE know that our town has both the reputation of being "-the town that time forgot", and we have, since the 1920's been renowned for our fabulous mineral water, We would like to present this concept and an idea of the events that we could have: water- themed activities, games and contests, to the Chamber of Commerce and The City Council. Some ideas that are floating around:

         A LOGO contest, with the water (H20) theme, to be used on t-shirt, water bottles, coffee cups and posters.

         Create a calendar of the H Hill, then and NOW. The LaRue-Hot Springs Museum has already committed to researching pictures for the calendar.

         Produce a map, or walking trail from one Hot Springs to another. Or even a planned event, a Hot Water Crawl, bringing soakers s from one pool to another.

         Assist our students with the creation of the H20 (2020) sign on the hill, whenever they usually create the sign for the graduating class. ( ? in 2019)

         Create an easy walking path to H20 Hill, or a spot where out-of-towners could easily take pictures of the hill.

         Evaluate the possibility of events occurring monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly.

         Water-themed PHOTO contest. (the THEME of the Hot Springs Artists Society's Juried Photo Show in 2020 could be water).

         Water appreciation day. Clean up waterways--Maybe on Earth Day in April.

         Ice sculptures-maybe in January or February.

         BBQ, with the theme "Smoke on the Water".


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