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About the Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce

   From the North and South, red and white Burma Shave like signs dot the side of the highway. Each sign announces the many businesses that call Hot Springs home.

   This is just one of the incentives that the Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce offers its members, highway advertising. The Chamber also encourages each business to participate in our latest Web site, to announce to outside viewers, and locals alike, what each business has to offer to the consumer.

   Our Chamber of Commerce, as in all cities and towns, of various sizes and descriptions, offers the members a meeting forum. At our monthly meetings, members of the Professional and Business community unite for the purpose of community improvement and development.

   The primary purpose of the Chamber is to be the voice of business", but it goes beyond that to reflect the feelings and the needs of the residential community as well.

   For more information, please call (406) 741-2662. Leave any request, and your call will be returned by alive person!

About the Hot Springs, Montana

Hot Springs is a friendly community of roughly 600 inhabitants. It was named for the "big medicine" hot mineral springs discovered by the northwest Indian tribes and enjoyed by residents and visitors ever since. Maybe you've had a long day driving, a full day of vacationing, or just want to get away for a weekend of soothing relief from those nagging aches and pains that come from the stresses of modern life. As a full service community, Hot Springs is the perfect spot to enjoy healthy relaxation in a peaceful environment.

Our Hot Mineral Springs
The healing waters of Hot Springs have drawn people from as far away as Finland and Taiwan, to a leisurely and peaceful vacation in Montana's western mountains.
The H Hill Hot Springs Montana 406-721-2262Many revisit on a regular basis, enjoying the benefits and relief that the natural hot mineral waters bring in the treatment of arthritis, skin diseases, rheumatism, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and many other kinds of ailments.  There are several privately owned facilities that offer indoor bathing and hot tubs. You will also find a new outdoor hot mineral water swimming pool.

What You Can Expect to Find

In Hot Springs opportunities for privacy, quietness, relaxation, and recreation abound. Many lakes, streams, and rivers provide excellent fishing for the novice and expert angler. Easy walking or tough climbing trails can be found at the edges of town in all directions, and wildlife frequently wander the streets. In addition, numerous sightseeing, boating, skiing and hunting areas are within easy driving range. Nearby attractions include a tour of the National Bison Range at Moiese, a visit to the historical St. Ignatius Mission Church, scenic Glacier National Park, and Flathead Lake with its cherry orchards.

Where to find us.
One of Montana's hidden treasures, this community is located in northwestern Montana tucked away at the foot of the Cabinet Mountains, just about mid-way between Kalispell (60 miles) and Missoula (80 miles), in eastern Sanders County. Turn off Highway 200 at Plains or Highway 93 at Elmo, onto the short, but scenic, Highway 28. Another way to reach us is by a small aircraft landing strip located a short distance from town.


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